Oriental Publishing is a small independent publishing house and bookseller, focused on the niche market of novels and books that appeal to international markets - both East and West. Our focus is on the Middle East, Asian and aspects of European markets, including books translated into and from Middle Eastern languages and Asian languages.

Our aim is to promote, revive and celebrate literature and cultures of rarely seen languages and aspiring authors from diverse ethnic backgrounds to bring out their potential.

With Oriental Publishing's specialism in providing access to the literary works of the Middle East and beyond, we aim to bring a large variety of books to complement each other. The books we offer fall into these categories:

  • Books published by Oriental Publishing, and written by authors who have published their works with us
  • Books that have been published by other publishers, but fall into our specialism, to give you a wide variety
  • Books that are an important part of Islamic tradition, and the sharing of Islamic knowledge

Our aim to to make available on the digital platform, books that are quite hard or rarely found in physical book format in the western world, such as historical books written by renowned scholars, originally published in the Middle East.

As a publisher, we are interested in non-fiction novels, poetry and short stories which have a Middle Eastern flavour/background and their languages. We are particularly interested in publishing authors who are based in these regions. Our aim is to promote the people of the regions, being a true authentic source of the regions' culture and literature.

At the moment, we are not accepting new author submissions, due to the undivided attention that we like to give to new authors and promoting their work. However we plan to accept new submissions in the future. Please check back regularly.