This exciting series Published by Oriental Publishing and written by Shaneela Rowah Al-Qamar explores elements of Arabian and Islamic heritage, that has contributed to western - mainly European society, bringing to life and context a rich cultural history.

The first title of the Series, is The Fragrance: The History of Perfume in Arabian and Islamic History, which explores the origins of a modern commodity, that is deeply rooted within Islamic culture and heritage. We start from the beginning of time through history, in a clear and brief narrative, through to the use of fragrance today.

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The Pashtun Prophechy: The Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel

This non-fiction book investigates through various biblical and non-biblical characters, the historical myth about the origins of the Pashtun tribes, as a possible progeny of the Prophet Yusuf PBUH, written by Shaneela Rowah Al-Qamar

The book will be released in two separate parts:

Part One:

Concentrates on the possible and historical Prophecy by Prophet Yusuf, until the time when his progeny is placed in exile within modern day Afghanistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Part Two:

Concentrates on the possible way that the historical prophecy will be fulfilled according to Islamic traditions: the future of the Pashtun nation, including the liberation of Palestine. COMING SOON

A Travelers Tale

A look through the eyes of a foreigner in Egypt, being embraced by the spirit and history of the local people and the country. This book is a collection of short stories about personal experiences in Egypt, written by Shaneela Rowah Al-Qamar. It is written with a beautifully unique poetic rhythem, bringing you a taste and the smells of the places these wonderful stories are set in. COMING SOON